Watch Service Warranty

We provide a WATCH SERVICE WARRANTY with a coverage of 12 months from the date of purchase on all of our Rolex and other brand name watches (with the exception of some vintage watches). Our warranty covers the watch movement and battery replacement for the time period stated.


Our Warranty excludes: watch case; watch bracelet; straps; crown/stem; crystal and glass finishes. It also excludes damage caused by excessive wear and tear and/or accidental abuse and damage resulting from wear under the conditions exceeding the watch manufacturers water resistance limitations.

  • All shipping and handling costs in connection with warranty service are the responsiblity of the customer.
  • Warranty is declared VOID if the buyer opens the back of the watch within the warranty period or gives the watch to a third-party watch maker or Company.
  • All repairs covered by warranty must be performed by our own authorised watch maker.
  • At an additional cost it is possible to extend the warranty for a further 12 months. Please contact us for details.